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Dear devotees, brothers and sisters, children and respected seniors

With love and affection Mata ji Ki Ja

This year Hindu Heritage Centre is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary and Shatchandi Yagna with great pomp and show on 1, 2, 3 rd. May, 2015 in the presence of His Holiness “Dharamrattan Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Devacharya ji Maharaj.
It is our earnest request to all devotees to join us in celebration and make it a grand success.
Yagna will be performed for three days, preeti bhoj will be there both the times, temple’s souvenir will be published.  All the devotees who will be  Yajman (Couple) in this yagya will be given Saree, Dhoti and all puja materials from the temple

1) Yajman for daily mantra chanting and Asttottarshav namarchan
2) Yajmans for daily mantra chanting, Asttottarshav namarchan, Navaran mantra homam

Main Yajmans who will be present there for three days for the Durga Saptashadi Chanting, Three days puja, Shaptshati Homam

We are printing the Souvenir approx. ​5000 copies.

All the devotees’ pictures and well wishes will be printed in the Souvenir. The main devotee will also have the best wishes and also the details of his business activity on one page of the souvenir. Each yajman will be given as Prasad a perfected Durga Saptashadi emulet which is the emblem of prosperity and peace. Everyone will be given the donation receipt. Everyone is requested to get the Blessings of Devi Maa and get prosperous

Important: – Please remember this is not an ordinary yagna but this is one of the kinds which is special in every sense in Nav Chandi, Shatchandi, Sahastra chandi Yagna  of Devi maa

Petitioner: – Acharya surrender Sharma Shastri, Hindu Heritage Centre

For detailed information or for becoming Yajman—Please contact Acharya Praveenji, Pt. Yadunathji, Pt. Girish sashtriji  at 905 369 0363

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